Social Deviant, Spoonie, Hyper-POTSie

Love to bond over life! 19, NY. Techie, Entrepreneur, College Skipper and Jazz Singer. As for diagnoses- a lot of hypertensive POTSiness mixed in with anemia, AFib and IST.


The abuse of disabled children is generally not looked on as ‘abuse’ but as ‘desperate parents.’

This includes the social workers who could revoke custody rights, the judges who give light sentences and the prosecutors who don’t push as hard as they can.

The abuse and even murder of disabled children is government-sanctioned.

Mono and POTS

Found out that I will have mono for the rest of the summer while my POTS is flaring. I don’t feel as bad as everyone says it is but maybe I’m just used to the symptoms. I want to stay in my apartment but it’s going to be HOT. Not really sure what to do. :/